Birmingham: A Quick Guide

Howdy y’all. Your gonna learn just a little bit about Birmingham. Hopefully you’ll learn enough about this corner of the south to come and visit sometime. Birmingham is filled with rich history, and fun things to do and see. But everything needs a bit of background, so lets hop to it.

Birmingham is the youngest and most popular city in Alabama. Discovered in 1871, because it was smack-dab in the middle of a railway crossing, where rich deposits of iron lived. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, the “Magic City”, it’s because of how fast it became the most popular city.

Birmingham Alabama

Hot Spots

Railroad park is a notable hotspot in birmingham that I actually frequent. It’s not just one of those instagram spots that you take a picture in and leave immediately after. It’s actually a place that features outdoor yoga and exercise, parks for the kids, light equipment for the adults, a place to get your jog on, and is the heart of downtown. You’ll never get bored over there! They also host events and runs year round, so you’ll always have something to do. Weather it’s a picnic or nana wants to get her yoga in.
Sloss Furnace is another attraction. Pretty and rich in it’s own vintage way. This is apart of the civil rights history of Birmingham, because that’s where black people used to work in its dangerous conditions, often with hazardous fumes and harsh ledges. But now, it serves as a kind of open-faced museum. It’s a good place to walk around, and reflect on how far we’ve come, and learn more about our past so we can rewrite the future. Just be careful around the edges!
The Botanical Gardens is by far the most beautiful attraction in birmingham. It contains plenty of flowers and plants, tall trees, a Japanese garden, waterfalls, and scenic bridges. It even features a cafe and gift shop filled with plants. Perfect for anything from first dates to picnics.

Alabama Theatre

Yes, theatre! But don’t worry. They don’t just play “My Fair Lady” on repeat. It’s also a popular spot to hold concerts, as well as get a good dose of the classics when you need it. It’s been around since the 1920s.

Regions Field
Home of the Birmingham Barons! Built and opened up in 2013, it’s where they conduct most of their games. They also have beautiful views and spacious fields.

Alabama Theatre

Vulcan Park
This is a park AND museum! Two for one! It even has a cool gift shop. It’s home to a giant cast iron statue of the Roman God of fire, representing our rich history of iron. Great for field trips and just a fun family activity.
And those are just some of the amazing things about Birmingham. Not all of the past will be peaches and cream. But it’s about how Birmingham managed to earn its title of “The Magic City”, and advance and invest in the people, to put themselves on the map. What are you waiting for? Come visit! We’d love to have you.