Nestled in Birmingham, in its many cities, is Homewood. With a history starting in the 1800s, just as old as Birmingham. Homewood is one of the many places you must visit when you come around, because most of the places that put Birmingham on the map are nestled here. But I know the anticipation is building. Let’s get right to it!

Birmingham Zoo
Ah yes, the zoo. The perfect place for a family outing or your typical kindergarten field trip. With it’s large, over 122 acreage, and easily over 230 species, there’s always something to discover each time you visit. And all of these species spread over 6 continents. So yes, you may be able to see everything from mighty cheetahs to gossiping parakeets. Like most hip spots, the Birmingham zoo hosts events. And if you have a big heart and want to help, you can donate or even adopt an animal.

Homewood Alabama

Red Mountain Park
This has significance, because it was once home to the mines that aided Slows Furnace. It’s huge at over 1,500 acres, and has hiking, zip lining, and ponds.

Birmingham Civil Rights District
Alabama, especially Birmingham, is rich in civil rights history. So this is ultimately the place to visit if you wish to learn just a bit more about it. They went through events that shaped Birmingham in the 50s and 60s in those very streets. From riots, to the Martin Luther king statue, to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. There’s always time to reflect when you visit that district.