Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills Alabama is the best city you have never heard of. Located just outside of Birmingham with a population of 24,476 people Vestavia Hills is quite the city it’s more of a family town and the city is pretty quiet for the most part but there are many hidden gems in this city that you don’t want to miss out on.

Vestavia Hills has many restaurants that were started there in the city and the most popular one is the Ranch House family restaurant they serve breakfast and lunch and its along the lines of a waffle house but better my personal favorite thing to get when there is the “most requested” it comes with eggs, bacon, pancakes and hash browns and boy is it delicious i get it every time and for lunch they hamburger steak is to die for, which is why the ranch house is so popular.

Vestavia Hills Alabama

The entertainment options are plentiful and feature one of the best bowling alleys in Birmingham in vestavia bowl it’s probably the cities most popular place on Tuesdays because of 2 dollar Tuesdays which include 2 dollar bowling and drinks making that a deal you can’t beat, you can also catch the latest movie premiere at the amc dine in theater and yes i did say dine in meaning u can have a meal while watching your favorite new movie, what’s not to love about that.


Vestavia Hills also has one of the largest selections of car dealerships making it the perfect place to come if you’re in need of a new car. There are many new businesses coming to the city as well and one that’s caught a lot of people’s attention is new home junk removal service. This company offers to come to people’s homes or offices and remove old or unwanted junk making taking the trash out a thing of the past.

They collect things such as old furniture, televisions, computers, books, clothing, even old cars that are no longer in use! Almost anything you may consider junk can be removed.

The price of this service is $49.95 per load and many of the things are refurbished and given to charity. The idea for this business probably started when a current Vestavia  resident noticed that they, along with many of their neighbors, could no longer park their cars in the garage because it was filled with junk. From that idea came a business, and boy is it booming!